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messages that warm the heart

I love this. Go Nashville for embracing all!.

“We have met maybe once at the farmer’s market. i am a huge fan (who isnt?). my husband and i moved here from CA about 10 years ago. we have had 2 children in that time. our first was born a girl in late 2007. however it had become very apparent to us in the last couple of years, that though she may have looked like a girl from the outside, she was indeed a boy. last december she transitioned . as his mother, i have gone through a TON of change myself. i had a hard time with this. a really really hard time.


i am writing you now, however because my husband and i have, of course, become our sons number one advocate. you would be happy to know that NASHVILLE, our neighbors, his PUBLIC school, our friends have supported and loved us unconditionally through this entire process.

(i cant edit what i have written you. shit on that. ugh) anyway….National Center for Trans Equality is meeting this year in Nashville (!!). actually, right now. and we are having the reception at our house. which is actually down the street from you. we are on Montrose and 10th. Are you in town? would you be interested in dropping by? Let me know and i can email you the invitation. thanks for listening to me go on and on and on. xoxo”


Hello Arnold , my name is Juan aka Pussila , im an entertainer drag comic artist base here in Miami Beach for the last 15 years , well known in my community, I don’t normally write emails like this , or research someone , but I had a great little conversation with someone who told me about you and everything you do in your community and i had to write you this letter , i hope you get to read ,well , dont know if you know a Justin , white guy around 30 years old , i didn’t get his last name , but he wrote the info for me on a small little paper to look you up online , hes boyfriend was wearing one of you t-shirts , i took a picture with him , hope you get to see the pic , ,he show me a pic of you in drag and said i looked like you , so i took as a compliment , he told me about your restaurant and what you do ,I also Love cooking and hope in a future use my talents for something related to something similar to your work and i wanted to reach out and tell you that people love you for what you do , and im very interest in meeting in a future , im going to try to find you in Facebook , and hope we get to meet in the future , sending kind regards from Miami ,


I was at my wine bar at the Farmer’s Market and a bachelorette party was passing through for a honkytonk weekend. After sipping and chatting with me for a bit, the fact that I was a “Drag Queen” came up. “Oh my son works at a drag bar in D.C.” the mother of the bride said casually. Later that day I heard via text that the party had scrapped their initial Nashville agenda and decided to party “The Wong Way”. I hurried home, painted my face and gave them the Suzy Wong experience: dinner at my restaurant drinks at Tribe and a Drag Show at Play Dance Bar.

While we were at Suzy Wong’s House of Yum, a server notified me that some guests really wanted to meet me so I fluffed my hair, pushed back my shoulders and waddled over. Much to my surprise, at the table I found two straight older couples from Paducah, Kentucky on their way to the performing arts center for a show. One of the gentlemen had seen me on the Cooking Channel a few weeks ago and was excited beyond belief to meet me and snap a few fan photos; they all modeled like pros with hands on hips and attitudes to match.

It’s moments like these that make me so grateful for the opportunity to experience the life of Suzy Wong. I know I am in a position in which I can be comfortable and respected regardless of whether I am wearing slacks or a gown.

We find ourselves at a unique moment in our social evolution, one in which we gracefully transcend social and sexual genres without fear of reprobation or stigma. Triumphs happen daily and as a community, I feel that it is important to focus on the progress our generation has made as opposed to the negativity in which the media revels. This year, I have discovered and celebrated my insecurities and through this journey have come to understand that the most significant barriers to acceptance are the ones we impose upon ourselves.

As long as we regard ourselves with dignity and intellect, our pursuits are attainable. Success arises from all situations and dreams are within an arms reach.


I got this today! SMILES….

While I’ve got you on the line, I want you to know how refreshing it is and how much I enjoy your photos and posts and keeping up your whirlwind schedule. If we could bottle you and sell it, we’ll be loaning money to Bill Gates. ROFL Seriously, though, I appreciate that you can take your female illusion and make it fun without being trashy, make it enjoyable without being profane. You are truly a symbol of excellence, Suzy Wong!!! And I’m thrilled that you are a mentor/friend to my son. Keep up the good work, sweetie!!!

Wow…wasn’t planning on a compliment of such! Yes, thank you…I love “Drag”. It’s gotten so desperate. The polish has worn off, which saddens me. I understand that people shine through being unique, but the depth of uniqueness has taken a shortcut through the disguise of clownish cheap images…colored hair, freakish attire. I already worked for a circus as a career, if I wanted to continue, I would have never left the ring…I am in a place where I love female impersonation. I see very few real ladies with spiky space things or stacked green hair…though I do see fashion everyday. It’s hard to stand out in this Drag world where everyone wants to be noticed and the cussing, trashiness, cattiness, I guess, is just a digression back to our awkward mean girl school days. Alas, I learn from my friends who are ‘fierce’ and consistent with who they are. Like Raja; articulate, talented, self aware and in control; not bitchy or thrown together. I will continue with as much elegance as I know and can offer. I adore your Son. xoxo. Thank you for your kind words.

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