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"Equality begins with personal regard"

We live in a World of constant social evolution. And it seems that currently, regarding sexuality and toilets is of a nation's priority.

Never feeling adversity in my personal bubble, with unconditional support from my friends and family, I find this post to be so uplifting.

Joe and Jerry are friends of mine. I met Jerry Peek because of my involvement with the Miss Gay America Organization. He's the pioneer that founded one of the nations most prestigious pageants for the art of female impersonation over 40 years ago. He's a supporter of and great mentor for Suzy. He's a legend.

For a couple so ingrained and respected in the LGBT community, I am over joyed for Joe and this experience at his high school reunion. There has to be some sense of closure, liberation and heeling.

To me, this personal accomplishment is something we as a community should regard as progress.

Equality is something that begins with personal regard. (you can quote me on this, lol ‪#‎cute‬)


hanks for posting this Joe Heatherly

(here's his post)

Joe Heatherly 3 hrs ·

I came out to my high school classmates at my 50th class reunion this week end. Since I got my invitation last month I had been debating on doing so. There has been a class reunion every 10 yrs since graduation in 1966. I went to the first, but none of the rest. At that one, each stood up and told about their life since graduation. They told of their husbands and wives, their children and their childrens accomplishments. At that time I had been with Jerry for 5 yrs and his son (my son) was nine years old, but I wasn't able to speak of that. Not from shame, but fear. So I stood silent. I am from a rural small town. There was only 33 in our graduating class. For two weeks I had been rehearsing in my mind my speech. I didn't tell Jerry what I was planning because I was afraid I might not go through with it and he would be diappointed. Friday night came and I still wasn't sure. We had a " meet and hugs" before dinner. It was great. There was 18 classmates with some husbands and wives. We had all been close in school and I was feeling that same warm. After dinner we had a time for each person to say something about what had been going on in their life. After a couple had gotten up and spoken, it was my turn. I walked up to the podium. I told them that this was the first reunion since the 10 yr one. I told them that I had not felt comfortable there, not because of them but because of me. Then I told them that I was gay and had been in a relationship with a man since November of 1971. And that we would celebrate our 45th anniversary this year. That Jerry had a 4 yr old son that we had raised That we had 2 grand children and 2 great-grand children. And that I was surrounded by a loving circle of family and friends. That I was content in my life and had no regrets. I was glad to be there and wanted to share that with them. It was all I hoped it would be, There was applause and Frankie (our class president) ran up and hugged me. Afterwards, so many came up and talked to me about my being gay, some saying that they had a gay relative. Others told me how proud they were of me and some hugged me but didn't say anything. Everyone said the right thing and that made me feel good. I feel blessed and loved every day. Just wanted to share this with my family and friends here on facebook.

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