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Lady Boy Soap Box

Growing up, my family would vacation in Asia and I spent tons of time there as an adult, living and working. In Thailand there are three “genders”. However you identify yourself is who and how you are regarded in society. Students in uniforms wear skirts and pants, have buzz cuts and pony tails. In my office, I worked with a “Tom” (Tom Boy) and “Sow” (sister like me) a “King” and a “Kothoey” and no one cared as our identity wasn’t what defined us in that setting. We were there to create artists for a record company, not to prove our sexual being. I feel that in Thailand, there is no lobbying for acceptance, but more a celebration of harmony and spirit.

I often wonder why we as “Gay’s” don’t go to a Straight Pride Parade and hold signs saying “I support my Straight Son.” Yes, there are deep reasons to push and challenge the government and to continue to support equality….However, we must pick our battles. We are not oppressed people.

Call me whatever you want (I can translate it for you in 4 languages). Regard me however you wish. Also, take note of what I do with my life and the people that surround and support me. I am happy, content and secure with myself in heels or in loafers.

Let’s live our lives…..LIVE!

That’s all for now.

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